I highly recommend Seniors Helping Seniors Chesterfield County VA. The owner took the time to interview and vet the caregivers for my parents so that personalities were a great match. The caregivers (Michael, Sylvia and Linda) were super professional yet highly compassionate. THANK YOU!!!

— Randi Tormollen

My father suffered a stroke and was soon thereafter diagnosed as suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Lurene and her seniors provided immeasurable assistance in permitting him to remain in his house as long as possible by providing daily human contact, preparing meals, and assisting with errands such as trips to the grocery store. Clients can assist them in providing the highest level of service by having ideas about activities they can take part in with the the family member being served and having plans for back up in the event the weather makes roads impassible. I would (and have) recommended them to friends who have similar needs with my highest possible recommendation.

— Jeff K

What a blessing this program has been for our family! We were looking for a male companion to take my dad out to breakfast 3 days a week. Lurene introduced to "Fred" and he and dad have become amazing friends! We moved my dad to an Assisted Living facility, but we STILL have Fred come and take him out 3 days a week! Lurene, thank you for matching up the perfect person and for your constant follow up to be sure things are going well.

— Rebecca J

With the passing of my father almost 3 years ago, we quickly realized Mom wasn't capable of living alone and I was faced with challenge of relocating her to live with us in Richmond.

Fortunately, we found Lurene and the lovely ladies at SHS who visited with Mom a few days a week while I was at work. What a blessing it has been knowing that Mom was cared for and as her dementia progressed, so did the level of care SHS provided. I can't image how difficult the transition would have been if we didn't find such capable and reliable seniors who truly care about Mom's well being.

— Mary Ann C

We are very grateful and appreciative for the service provided in the care of my mom!

My mom who was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer's over a year and half ago. She could not be left alone, in search of care during the whole day in the Tri City Area. I worked full time, and needed care quickly.

We were certainly blessed by Lurene, who jumped into action, in a week's time she had a team scheduled. Her staff were extremely dependable, flexible and easy going. I never missed a day of work in over a 1 year and half they were employed.

Our family made the decision to put my mother into a memory care unit. The lovely ladies at Seniors Helping Seniors gave our family the time and opportunity to make a well thought out decision for the next step of care for my mom. Honestly, I am not sure what we would have done without their help.

— Janet H

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