Dig Into Fall! Plan for Autumn Planting

Dig in to fall with autumn plantingCooler temperatures are settling in throughout the area, making it an ideal time for gardening. Green thumb or not, Seniors Helping Seniors® care receivers will benefit from autumn planting for many reasons. Let’s take a moment to uncover how gardening helps those we serve continue to stay active, social, and independent -- in addition to creating the best-looking lawn on the block!

Autumn Planning Health Benefits

Gardening is a fun fall activity, and studies show that it can help boost mental wellness and physical fitness. Our Seniors Helping Seniors® caregivers are happy to assist those we serve in getting their lawn or garden in shape, allowing you or a senior loved one to blossom in the process.

Build Immunity

When it comes to autumn planting, getting a little dirt under the nails is a good thing! Studies show that Mycobacterium - the bacteria found in garden soil – provides a natural boost to the immune system and helps to fight off pesky seasonal allergies. 

Battle Stress & Depression

A day in the sun provides a host of advantages to people of all ages, seniors included! It can help regulate emotions and reduce stress while certain flowers or smells cultivate a sense of nostalgia. Additionally, working in the garden on a sunny day increases the production of Vitamin D, a known combatant of depression.

Build Strength & Endurance with Autumn Planting

Since gardening requires continuous care and attention, it’s a wonderful way for Seniors Helping Seniors® clients to commit to regular exercise. Working in the yard or garden can help boost endurance, increase flexibility, and build strength, all of which keeps our care receivers active and feeling their best.

Top Autumn Planting Picks

Gardening is all about choosing the plants that spark joy, but certain species of flora are better suited to particular areas of the U.S. than others. Here are some suggestions to help decide which plants to incorporate into your space to enjoy stunning vegetation all season long!

Tulips And Daffodils

Though they won’t bloom until spring, fall is the perfect time to plant bulbs like tulips and daffodils. Once spring rolls around, your garden will be shining with beautiful pops of color!


Perennials are available in tons of varieties and come back year after year, making them an excellent addition to any flower bed. Not to mention, working perennials into your gardening plan can help cut down on the amount of planting required at the start of each new season.

Sedum typically does well in hardiness zones 3 through 10, making it a versatile addition throughout the area. In the fall, it will bloom with tiny, star-shaped flowers in a variety of vibrant colors.

Amur Maple

Nothing encompasses fall quite like the maple tree, and the amur maple is an ideal choice for area yards. The tree produces brilliant red and orange foliage throughout the fall, making it a beautiful statement piece.

Though gardening is a relaxing activity, autumn planting can also be strenuous if you take on too much. Don’t hesitate to ask your Seniors Helping Seniors® caregiver to lend a hand – they love getting involved in our care receivers’ hobbies and interests! From helping with weeding and planting to offering engaging conversation along the way, our caregivers are the perfect gardening companion. Now, pass the shovel!