The 5 Ws of Medical Record Keeping

Today's post comes from Kimberly Hassmer, owner of Organized Advocacy. Be sure to contact her if you think a binder like this would be helpful for you or a loved one! Medical Record Keeping Here are the 5 Ws of … Read More

What Can You Learn From Researching Genealogy?

Where do I come from? That question weighs on a lot of people's minds, especially those who have little family to ask. Researching genealogy has become more popular in recent years, but why? For one thing, the science is more … Read More

Reliving Past Olympic Moments

2020 hasn't exactly gone the way we envisioned. (Get it? 2020 vision? Couldn't resist.) So much has happened, particularly with the Coronavirus, that we didn't expect. Unfortunately, this has meant missing out on other things. While most people can relate … Read More